Lose it to win it

Weight issues occupy a vital corner in everyone’s life. Be it weight loss, weight gain or even maintenance of your ideal weight, this topic slyly sneaks in almost every blog, and I am no exception. I am not about to whine about my weight issues, instead I wish to record my new-found motivation.

Getting back to pre-pregnancy weight within record time, often occupies the top rank in the wish list of new moms. I feel immense pride in stating that I differ on this. Not because I don’t have extra pounds to lose, but because I was not at my ideal weight pre-pregnancy. I was overweight to start with so I ended up with added reasons to sweat those ounces off my back, thighs and everywhere else.

Having worked out a major part of my life, getting started wasn’t difficult. But the endless complications and health issues during and post-pregnancy only added to my stack of worries. Life moved on and so did I on the treadmill. Liters of sweat and tears later, things began taking a healthy swing.

All this while, my main motive of getting back in shape hasn’t been to regain a beautiful body but a fitter one. Ever since Pari stepped in my life, I found a new goal. The urge to be fit to be able to play with my daughter without getting tired. Gain a stamina that I can run after her tirelessly. This one dream keeps me going. Though I too have my lazy days, but overall my performance has been quite satisfactory.

I strongly believe it’s not about the number of pounds I lose, neither it is about fitting in my old clothes (for I literally don’t have any old clothes to set a benchmark). It’s about feeling good inside, feeling fit in no-matter what life throws my way. I want to be the pillar, the rock my daughter can depend on. To be strong, I need to be healthy.

The minute these thoughts fill my mind, all laziness and fatigue disappear in thin air. Besides, fitness fills me with confidence and regular exercise helps fight stress, I sleep better and my skin looks brighter. So there is nothing to lose but weight!

I still have a long way to go, but I am sure someday I’ll reach my target weight chasing my daughter around and dancing to her tunes. Ah! the little joys of being a parent.

The song on my mind: Ye kahan aa gaye hum ~ Silsila

50 thoughts on “Lose it to win it

  1. yep the feel good factor on losing weight takes the cake than any other factor.. This has been one of my constant failure.. I am not working on the weight goals now but will definitely get to it soon.. I will definitely achieve it someday in life.. best wishes to you too.. 🙂


    1. Staying motivated is the most difficult part in the weight loss journey. I am sure you’ll achieve your goals soon. Just stay put Ani rest all will fall in place 🙂
      Thank you dear


  2. Good luck ME! I agree with you…it’s about a healthy lifestyle and feeling good about yourself than the numbers on the scale. If we just depend on the numbers, we are likely to lose motivation!


    1. I agree PB. When the number refuse to budge on the scale there are days when the motivation disappears and frustration steps in. That’s why I have decided to stay put irrespective of what the scales read 🙂


  3. Lovely song, isn’t it!!
    And weight loss happens – not as much as we might want it to be though 😉 but if you follow a healthy and active lifestyle, it is enough to keep you feeling fit!


  4. I love the positivity and true spirit with which this has been written, ME. It is not the goodness of staying and losing unwanted pounds. Alone. Rather, the way in which such thoughts can be generalized to so many other avenues and expectations we have of ourselves. I love every little thing behind and in this post 🙂
    Wishing you a very fit body. And lots of prayers for running after Pari. Don’t complain later. You trained for it 😉


  5. Thumbelina

    You parents do have a fitness advantage! I was chatting with a lady who’d just started working out with my trainer, and “sympathizing” with her after I noted that she’d been started on MUCH heavier weights than I do after years of training, and she laughingly dismissed it as a non-issue, saying she had two daughters, and was used to lifting them both, one under each arm! Now there’s some real fun weight-training for you. 😀


    1. I agree with you Thumbelina but being a parent gifts tons on unwanted pounds and calories too (in my attempts to feed a fussy child).
      It’s so true about the weights, for lifting a 10kg+ child is so easy and I do it all day long but when it comes to lifting a 2kg dumbell you should see my face 🙂


  6. Privy Trifles

    I agree being a parent is perhaps one of the most wonderful stages of life to be in specially the age in which Pari is 🙂

    A time which can never come back again.!!

    Wishing you loads of luck and success in losing your weight ❤


    1. Absolutely PT. I don’t want to miss enjoying Pari’s childhood cause of weight issues, so the best way is to get fit to be able to enjoy her growing up years to the fullest 🙂
      Thank you sweets 😀


  7. You found the best motive there is 🙂
    Not that I was perfect, but to fit into my old clothes is my current goal. I do manage to squeeze in some time for a bike ride but with upcoming winter and twins ..don’t know what will happen..


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