School Diary – I

Pari has recently stepped in one of the most important phases of her life. The one that’ll make her, refine her and will also define the path she’ll tread on, in life. The school life.

Though I have been pretty irregular in recording my life and Pari’s milestones but my resolve to freeze all these precious memories is still unshaken. Since our journey through Pari’s schooling is going to be a long chapter with many anecdotes and life lessons worth blogging, I hereby start a new series of posts titled ‘School Diary’ to keep them all together for easy reference.

Since we have already talked about how I came about admitting Pari to the school and exactly how it all went, this post shall throw light on the two months that have flown past hence.

It’s amazing how time seems to fly because I blog rather sporadically these days, when the reality is, I have spent each of those days feeling every moment weigh me down due to countless reasons. Let’s not dilute my thoughts by meandering on topics other than how did Pari fare in the first two months of her school life.

After a very encouraging reaction to the school atmosphere on the day of her admission, I was hopeful that perhaps I am going to be one of the few lucky moms whose child loves school from day one and doesn’t panic on having to stay away from home and parents.

On day one, I escorted Pari along to school much against the liking of her teachers (as she had shown hints of being fine staying away from me on the day of admission) but still for my own satisfaction I decided to sit out of (Pari’s ) sight to be able to take care just in case she starts crying or gets home-sick.

Time flew and Pari was enjoying the company of the children of her age with teachers paying extra attention, it being her first day. Around an hour and a half later she saw me sitting and that was when she refused to go back to her class and it marked the end of day one as the principal too felt she’d been pretty good on her (official) first day at school.

The following morning Pari was quite ecstatic about getting to dress up in her new uniform and being taken to the fun place she’d been to in the past two days. Being an early riser, waking up problems have yet not shown up in her case. I spent a restless morning after dropping her to school. At the pre-determined pick up time (as was instructed by her principal) I raced to school just to find my baby having fun.

The first three days passed by in a breeze. It was on the fourth day which happened to be a Monday (after a two-day weekend) was when the reality of the school struck Pari. All this while she’d been loving the adulation, attention and admiration being showered on her, but it soon dawned on her that this is eerily becoming a daily schedule. The idea of not having her mum be a part of the fun and play, disturbed her little mind.

That’s when tantrums in getting ready, reluctance in getting inside the car, dreading the sight of me carrying her school bag or water bottle and screaming with tears running down her cheeks as I dropped her at school began. Her crying was heartrendingly loud that made it tough for me to spend the two hours while Pari was at school.

I’d keep checking my mobile if the principal had sent in a text or tried to call me. A couple of days went on smooth (as I’d pick Pari from school after 2 hours, that was an hour earlier than the school timing). Then came a surprising revelation that I bumped upon in a very interesting way. Details on that and many other stories of Pari’s life at school will continue in my upcoming posts.

The Song on my mind: Yahan ke hum Sikandar ~ Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar

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