Hello Autumn


Autumn isn’t my favorite season,

Yet I love it for a reason,

I was born in this fiery bloom,

That sparks the leaves with feisty plume.

The air has the nip,

The temperatures begin to dip,

There’s more to autumn than what meets the eye,

I can hear its ‘Let Go’ cry.

The fall of leaves,

Unburdening trees,

Inspire me to relinquish,

Be generous, bid adieu to anguish.

Share, care and dare,

Let your soul go bare,

Believe life is threadbare,

Celebrate every moment while we’re still here.

Autumn isn’t the fall of life,

It’s the fuel of life,

It enacts impermanence,

To inspire diligence,

In all we do,

To make our dreams come true.

Let go of all vices,

That’s splattering sin on life’s slices,

Behold your power, hold your goodwill,

Grow within in months of chill,

To sprout,

To bloom,

To gift your life new beginnings.

This pursuit is precious,

This transition is tedious,

But is imperative,

To realize we’re all but a universe’s derivative.

This autumn,

Celebrate growth,

Sow generosity,

Sprinkle gratitude,

Practice reverence,


Prepare to connect with your core.


The song on mind: Mera kuch samaan  ~ Ijazat

8 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. pixie

    I love love Fall/Autumn too!! 😀
    The air has that crispness that isn’t there in any other season and the colors make everything so beautiful! 🙂


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