How Boredom Has Shaped My Life

Boredom is a powerful gift with surprising health benefits that help boost creativity and shapes our lives. Read how boredom is important for children and how it shaped my childhood and life.

Love Aaj Kal

I am typing this on the WordPress app, in an attempt to distract my mind from the crisis am stuck in. I had the choice of writing about where I have been stuck in the past few days that I have not blogged anything or got any writing work done. Then I decided otherwise. I …

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Rewriting my life story

In moments of great despair, battling depression, fighting streaming tears, I have often wondered what would it be like if I could rewrite my life story. It comes across as a wishful thinking, another extension of the 'What ifs' that have a way of creeping into our system from cracks only to make us wallow …

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Hello Autumn

Autumn isn't my favorite season, Yet I love it for a reason, I was born in this fiery bloom, That sparks the leaves with feisty plume. The air has the nip, The temperatures begin to dip, There's more to autumn than what meets the eye, I can hear its 'Let Go' cry. The fall of …

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I can’t help it

... but I'm turning into my own mother more often that I would have liked to. That's when I pressed STOP. Before you read further, I'd recommend reading the earlier posts of this series. Please start here. The past two months have been heavy on introspection. They've been painful because of hurtful revelations yet fruitful …

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