Today was a very special day in my family's life. One for which we have toiled night and day for a very long time. A day that came after all I had was put at stake, many times. I humbly wish to thank the Almighty for blessing my family with this important milestone. All details …

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The foundation stone

The past six months have been tough for my family. I personally feel the brunt of it all fell on my two-year old the most. She has been so shocked, worried and panic struck that there have been scary long spells when she gave up food and started behaving quite contrary to her usual happy …

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Working on my dreams

If I were to write this post a couple of months back, I wouldn't have written beyond a line. But, today the story is altogether different. We all have dreams. Whether they are on our mind or at the back of it, but they always exist. After suffering a massive heartbreak and sufferings following it, …

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The past 48 hours have been very painful but there is joy of a new bonding to allay the pain. It started on Monday evening when I was having dinner. Pari let out a loud scream followed by uncontrollable sobbing. The sobbing and crying continued for a good thirty minutes (which is very unusual, for I …

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The Era I Lived In

What is The Era I Lived In? Read to know the story behind the creation of the personal life blog that focuses on personal growth development while celebrating life, relationships and parenthood.