Being Told

The past one month I have been busy in behaviour modification. Being a parent, I am sure you are expecting from me a rant about me trying to discipline my baby. Hold on, there's more, before what you are thinking could actually be the case. One fine morning, I was busy replying to important emails, …

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Karein Wahi Jo Ho Sahi

My mother was married in a family where her husband was the tenth child, Making her the daughter in law who was almost two generations younger to her in-laws, With a taste of modernity and backing of sound education, She was young and dreamy, yet valued customs and tradition. She was constantly told to behave …

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Maa ke Haath ka Khana

We all swear by the goodness of maa ke haath ka khana and fondly remember the taste of the simplest of recipes our mother cooked for us. Here, as a new mom I try to understand how do mothers make the magic of maa ke haath ka khana happen.

Moving ahead

Thank you everyone who shared their valuable inputs & personal experience in my post, Finding Answers. I am feeling a lot better now having made many changes and decisions since that day. Firstly, ranting about the many confusions & insecurities circling my mind was a major step in freeing myself from them. I had been trying to …

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Finding answers

Everyday I open my blog and plan on writing a post, but the one issue I so desperately want to talk about prevents me from writing beyond the initial few lines. I am plain confused as to how to address the situation that has been taking a toll on my life, my peace of mind …

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