May has flown leaving me in dismay. The new-found resolve of writing regularly, has thankfully decided to put up with me, despite signs of commitment phobia on my part. I desperately wanted to seek refuge in the excuse of summer holidays but I have decided to act otherwise or rather wise.

This is why at the dawn of June, I am back with renewed zest. I am going to be pushing myself to take on a personal challenge to write like I did in April.

I have this question running in circles in my mind since yesterday. Are coincidences for real? Does anything ever happen without having reason behind it? Is the time spent nurturing our hobbies or relaxing our frayed nerves wasted?

I am aware, that there might not be logical explanations to such ambiguous thoughts. Not ones that can satisfy me instantly. But like every other time, I am sure these are hints of an oncoming change in my life.

Not very long ago,  I learnt to connect the dots of the events that collate to changes I’d never thought I’d allow in my life. The past few days have been hinting at something similar. Though this time, I want to work in synergy with the universe. I want to tell the unknown, divine forces that I am prepared to work with them and not antagonise them.

Resisting change has been one of the major energy drainer activities I have expended a good share of my vital years in. Not any more. They say,there is nothing a waste in life. What doesn’t make us, serves as a valuable lesson. I am ready to show life, that I have been doing my home-work. I am prepared to act wiser having read, understood and applied the lessons learnt.

The school holidays are far from over. Acting on any plans is tough given the crazy schedule I follow from morning to night tending to the whims and wishes of my child. That’s why I am going to put to use this time in straightening my line of thought. Having a decent action plan formulated. And most important of all, staying put to writing more regularly.

How have you been?

Has summer been keeping you excited or busy?  

The song on my mind: Kal ho na ho (title track)


7 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Hello ME, glad to see a post from you.

    Happy school days to Pari.

    Time spent nurturing one’s hobby is never a waste of time. So i believe.

    Embrace the new change in your life with optimism. I am sure you’ll be fine and yes Please keep writing.

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    1. Thank you TH for the much needed good wishes 🙂
      The schools start around last week of June but with the holiday home-work done, life is heaps better and fun these days.

      Thank you dear for being my constant motivation to keep writing.

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    1. Thank you DC 🙂
      I missed commenting on your latest posts because my mobile was playing up with the comments section. But, I want you to know that I have been noting all books you’ve recommended & hoping to get hold of ‘I am Malala’ soon.

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  2. fabulus1710

    Summer holidays were more like study holidays! But I thoroughly enjoyed April, all because of the Challenge!
    May got a bit boring because many bloggers decided to take a little break. But May was a highly creative month for me. I do hope this streak of awesomeness and positivity continues for both of us 😃

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    1. I am aware how studies have been keeping you busy and I totally love your dedication to find time for blogging besides studying hard.
      Best wishes to you and yes, may we both keep doing what we love to the best of our abilities ❤

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