Life’s Hard, Your Weight Loss Journey Needn’t Be So

Every time someone questions me about my weight loss journey, the conversation somehow always tips towards what all did I give up.

Restrictions and craziness seem to be the two main colours that paint our mind every time we think about weight loss.

Looking back on my journey, I noted that it was not the restrictions or craziness (of any sort, form or order) that got me results.

And that’s exactly what I want to be talking about.

A lot.

When I first started, like everyone else, I too believed that I needed to give up eating sweets, stay away from processed foods, fats, cheese, all-purpose flour, fried foods.

And start eating tons of salads, follow the fitness gurus on YouTube, get a gym membership and that’s it.

In my case, to make matters worse, I had been an exerciser for the most part of my life. So I wasn’t just in the need of working out more but needed an overhaul in my workout regimen.

My family suggested hiring a personal trainer.

My cousin who keeps track of what’s popular in Bollywood suggested joining a yoga studio and a gym for pilates.

You get the drift. Right?

Though I had other plans.

I was not ready to deep dive into anything I couldn’t do for the rest of my life.

It was as simple as that.

I drew the line at that thought.

And I have stuck to it all along.

Logically thinking, what is the very point of not eating anything I like and overwork at the gym for a few days or maybe a few weeks?

Common sense says it won’t be sustainable in any way.

Then how can the results I thus obtained, ever be sustainable?

And what about the quality of life?

What good a thin body be if it stops me from living a life I enjoy?

What is the point of being the slimmest version of me if I am not happy with the lifestyle I have?

Isn’t weight loss, all about getting healthy and fit which in turn are important for our happy existence?

How can you ever be happy when the only thought governing your every decision is the fear of weight gain?

Did this level of clarity come to me right from the start?

Hell No!

I bet you’d agree that losing weight is no fun.

Then why do it in ways that guarantee pain and failure?

We live in times when there is no scarcity of information.

That’s both good and bad at once.

Good, because it empowers you to help yourself from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Bad, because you’re swimming in a sea of information and deciding where to start and what really works can often be overwhelming and confusing.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with various weight-loss trends and food plans before I found my own rhythm.

And let’s not begin to count the unsolicited advice that begins to pour in as our family and friends try to help us in our journey.

This is despite the fact that I am a health care provider by education and come from a family of health professionals.

An understanding of human biology comes pretty easily to me, still, the confusing information out there, which is freely available is more to blame why weight loss is such a struggle for so many of us.

And not to mention how many times it was emphasised that if something felt too tough to do, all you needed was an ounce of willpower (code for a truckload of will-power) if nothing else.


Does it mean, I must summon will-power to resist wanting to eat a cake every time I see one?

And use will power to want to eat a bowl of broccoli when my mind is craving for a pizza instead?

I might have been able to pull it off once in a  while, but the food lover that I am, I did not see any hope in this becoming my way of life. Ever.

Then what is the solution?

I started by drafting a very simple plan that I knew I’d follow pretty effortlessly.

This was the 3Cs roadmap that I shared in the blog post: Losing Weight With Compassion, Courage and Common Sense.

As days rolled past and I started seeing positive results, I improvised my plan.

I stuck with keeping it simple. Only got better at planning my life around it.

At the time, I had no clue that I was beginning to form a pattern. A pattern of planning better and staying motivated without the need for harnessing my will-power.

This understanding dawned on me around 4 months into my weight loss journey. It was the day of Parent’s Orientation at my daughter’s school.

The only question other parents had for me was what was I doing to look so much fitter and years younger in such a short span.

All I could answer were the handful of lifestyle changes I had made.

Though they didn’t sound anything extraordinary at the time. Today, looking back I can safely say, those simple changes were what transformed my life.

That day, I got back home and spent the afternoon reading my fitness journal.

I noted, unknowingly, I had a plan in place that I had been following relentlessly. Week after week. Making gradual changes. Adding and subtracting strategies depending upon the results I got.

Once I reached my goal weight, the awesomeness, the sense of accomplishment I felt was truly unparalleled.

And today, I dearly wish for every woman to experience the same awesomeness in her life.

That’s why I went ahead a took notes from my own experiences and created a free plan to help anyone who wants to lose weight one last time.

In this simple plan, I outline everything that anyone can do, to lose weight with common sense, compassion and commitment.

I have crafted a plan that’s flexible and customisable.

A plan that suits your likings and lifestyle while following the outline of the basics of what is required for our health and well-being.

A plan to get you started on your last weight loss journey with the right approach.

If you’re wondering, is it going to be EASY?

Let me answer that with another question.

Is being over-weight an easy choice?

I’m guessing you’d say, no

Because that was the case for me.

For me, being over-weight was a constant load on my mind.

A burden on my body.

The never stopping feeling of being who I didn’t enjoy being.

Then why expect a solution for a not-so-easy problem to be easy?

What I can guarantee though is that,

The plan I have laid out is Simple, Doable and absolutely Realistic.

SIMPLE – Learning to create a food, movement and lifestyle plan that you can follow every day for the rest of your life.

DOABLE – Steps that you are willing to take in small increments that don’t need to feel burdensome or overwhelming at any point.

REALISTIC – A plan so real that you can follow it without any resistance. Without summoning will-power.

What about the success guarantee?

That totally depends upon your commitment.

If you’re willing to keep going no matter what, I can guarantee you will be at your goal weight, someday soon.

Does it sound like something you’re willing to try?

Then sign up for my FREE weight loss course: Weight Loss Ownership Course that puts you in the driver’s seat of your weight loss journey.

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