These Days

After attempting the NaBloPoMo last month ( I tried my best and to my credit, I churned out 24 posts in November) I don't want to return back to blogging hibernation yet again. Luckily, I have not exhausted the topics to write about. It's just the time crunch that has been keeping me off the …

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What Am I Grateful For Today?

When I talked about 'Deliberate Gratitude' here, I had full intentions of maintaining a gratitude journal from that moment on. Though it is another story that though in my heart, I have been adopted this practice I have yet not succeeded in letting my gratitude touch ink and paper. Today, was different. I decided not …

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Aw Snap!

The past couple of weeks have been very stressful due to many reasons. One being the constant trouble with the Broadband connection playing up and no concrete resolution for almost 2 weeks now. Though it was a major blow to my work schedule, on deeper thought it was life's way of giving me time to …

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Shifting Focus

I wish to begin by thanking everyone who sent positive vibes my way. Be it in your comforting words or the wishes you might have made to help me swim through this difficult phase, every ounce of positive energy matters. The beauty of this blog lies in the fact that it always succeeds in drawing …

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This Summer

How I'm spending the summers with my daughter and the family favorite 4-ingredient recipe of the home-made fresh mango ice cream.